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BULGAR MASTER Ltd. was established in Varna in 2001 as a company involved in the design, manufacturing and marketing of products of high quality and rare wood, unique for the Bulgarian market. Initially, the company was focused on the production of souvenirs from different types of wood, unique in their complexity and quality, intended for the wine industry.

Since 2004, having gained further experience and practice, BULGAR MASTER Ltd. have begun to design and manufacture custom-made products for the Bulgarian market such as different types of luxury boxes, souvenirs and accessories, designer furniture and complete interior solutions.

In its work the company relies mainly on the creation of products designed by our clients and realizes original projects developed by BULGAR MASTER Ltd. Our business strategy is based on investments in production capacity in order to achieve the quality and timely execution of contracts desired by our clients, depending on the complexity of each individual project.

Currently, we have a highly qualified staff and a wide range of production facilities ensuring the production and delivery of our products in pursuance of our client’s requirements in terms of time and quality.